The Making of a Festival

From sourcing local suppliers to mapping the location of each individual tree, take a sneak peek at the making of We Out Here 2023

Posted on 09.02.23

We Out Here Main Stage The Making of A Festival

The creators of We Out Here are big on sustainability, and along with carbon neutral coach transfers and a ban on glitter, polystyrene and single use plastics, the planning process has had the environment in mind every step of the way.

In recent months, we’ve seen the team out and about on the estate, mapping our protected flora, fauna and ancient trees – including our London Planes, Cedars of Lebanon and Japanese Evergreen Oaks.

By ensuring they’re aware of what grows in every square meter of the soon-to-be festival grounds, the logistics team are able to design campsites, arenas and parking that cause the least disruption to the wildlife so fondly protected by St Giles.

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Grapes Hanging from Trees Making of a Festival Blog

One of the greatest things about bringing such a boutique festival to the grounds of St Giles, (aside from getting to look forward to a weekend of wellness, soul and hip hop!) is the opportunity to boast the talents of East Dorset.

From vineyards to charities, bakeries to dancers; the team at We Out Here are excited to bring in local businesses for a truly Dorset festival.

Read more below on how to get involved!

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The Making of a Festival Community Meeting in St Giles House Library

Welcoming a vibrant music festival into a rural, historic village, immediately brings the local community to the forefront of everyone’s mind. That’s why We Out Here have been making it a priority to gather with the residents of Wimborne St Giles at regular evening meetings.

Coming together for a cup of tea in the Library at St Giles House, the We Out Here team begin by keeping everyone up to date on how logistics are progressing, before opening up the floor to questions and discussion.

A regular topic of conversation is ways in which the festival can give back to community – alongside the opportunities it brings to local suppliers, artists and performers. This call for suggestions can be contributed to through the below link.

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