St Giles Team Day

The St Giles team gathered for a reflection on the year and some ‘right brain’ activities.

Posted on 26.10.22

Foraging through Shaftesbury Estate Team Day

It’s tradition at St Giles for the team to gather for a harvest feast around this time, to take stock and celebrate the achievements of the year.

The last decade has seen St Giles evolve from primarily a farm and estate team to include events, weddings, accommodation and the stud. This growth has meant a lot of new faces and a much larger team to gather! However, last Friday we managed it, and all joined some eye-opening activities either side of a delicious fire-side lunch by Roth on the Road.

Cricket Pavilion St Giles Team Day Lunch
St Giles Team Day Horse Drawing Great Dining Room

The Realisation gathering inspired Nick to bring in The Art Movement, who encouraged us to rest the left, analytical side of our brains, and exercise the right, intuitive side during some rural themed life drawing. Our works of art can be seen in the gallery below!

After a true autumnal feast in our recently restored cricket pavilion, and some time to warm up next to the log burner, we embarked on a foraging adventure across the estate with ForeAdventure. Dan opened our eyes to the edible treasures growing across the park, and even whipped up a herbal cocktail after!

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St Giles Estate Team Day Drawing Great Dining Room