The Realisation Festival

A gathering of unlearning and reimagining.

Date: 29.06.23

Price: From £375

St Giles House Across the Lake on Shaftesbury Estate

The Realisation gathering is an annual agenda-setting event that seeks to advance societal transformation in a soulful way. It takes place in early summer here at St Giles House, in collaboration with Perspectiva.

Last year’s Realisation weekend was a journey of induvial and shared encounter focused on the theme of reconsidering our relationship with nature.

A Group of Realisation Festival Attendees Walk Across St Giles Private Estate
St Giles House Dorset

The Realisation 2023 dates have been announced as the 29th June to 2nd July.

Participants will be inspired by conversations with leading thinkers and economists, artists and activists. Alongside more formal conversations, the programme includes time to enjoy workshops as well as the parkland around St Giles House.

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