Ethnopharmacologic Search for Psychoactive Drugs symposium at St Giles.

Date: 22.05.22

St Giles House Plant Medicine Conference Seating

In May 2022 the McKenna Academy of Natural Philosophy presented ESPD55 at St Giles House.

This historic four-day online symposium was hosted by Dennis McKenna and included esteemed speakers like Paul Stamets, Monica Gagliano and Wade Davis. 33 of the most exciting minds in psychoactives research, presented 37 sessions exploring the world of ethnopharmacologic knowledge through various life-centric perspectives.

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St Giles House Conference Stage
St Giles House Visionary Award

“The symposium was the most amazing human gathering I have ever been to. As we all know such amazingness can not be forced, just invited and welcomed. The great speakers, property, food, organization, and overall energy was beyond words.”